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If It Ain't Broke...

There are always public holidays in November, and we always aim to go somewhere on safari. Every year, we agree we will go somewhere new. Around planning time, I put the question out to the family: where shall we go? Without time to ponder, the unanimous answer came back: Teddy Bear Island. So much for the 'somewhere new' idea. In the face of so much enthusiasm, what else could I do but book.

As the holiday got closer, lists from my notoriously disorganised family began to pop up on WhatsApp; clearly a sign of building excitement. On the day of departure, again, contrary to the usual form, everyone was in the car and ready when it was time to go.

We have always loved the particular flavour of Baringo; the special combination of boats, views, and chilling is always a success. As we arrived at Kampi Ya Samaki, with John, the boat, and the lake waiting for us, my daughter expressed all of our feelings and said: 'It never gets old.'

As we sped across the lake to the islan…

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